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Welcome to Crochet By Marlo!

Crochet by Marlo is your one stop shop for private labeled, custom made, original crochet pieces. Please contact Marlo directly if you'd like additional information at crochetbymarlo@gmail.com or info@crochetbymarlo.com

About Marlo

Marlo Jones

Master Crochet Artist


I started crocheting 2 years ago. Since then I have taken my skills and passion for crochet to levels I would have never dreamed of.

In addition to being very therapeutic, learning and mastering the art of crocheting has enlarged my capacity to turn a skein of yarn into beautiful unique designs

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Marlo's Design Gallery One

Marlo's Design Gallery Two

Marlo's Design Gallery Three

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If you are interested in having a custom Crochet by Marlo creation of your own, please contact Marlo directly for pricing information.